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Katie’s story: I feel ME again

I had my thyroid removed in November 2014 whilst I was working in Abu Dhabi. The reason for this was a benign tumour – although I am now aware that the treatment I received was dramatic and would not be the first course of action by NHS doctors, this does not change the situation. Previously I had never suffered any thyroid issues and was very active, super multi tasked orientated and without effort, maintained a regular weight of 8 stone. I am 5 foot.

Since the removal of my thyroid I have lived in a fog, with rapidly increasing weight – I am now 11.5 stone, I have 0 energy and up until recently was lucky if I was even able to get up during a day due to low mood and exhaustion. Needless to say I no longer work.

Via all the endocrinologists I have seen, no support has been given as my bloods seem normal. I have been advised twice to look at obesity clinics – my food intake is small as I only eat once a day as cooking is too much effort.

I recently managed to source T3 from abroad after having to self-diagnose and medicate; not that I can afford this but I am DESPERATE. I am sure I did not increase the dosage safely but as I had no guidance, I simply increased my dosage by 25mg ever week until I felt some improvement.

I am now on a dose of 75mg and for the first time in so many years actually feel ME again. I have missed ME so much – it has only been 2 weeks but EVERYTHING has changed; the low mood, energy, thinking….and hopefully my weight will also start decreasing.

I was a teacher and used to love my life, working all over the world. I am really hoping that maybe I can get back to this now I have energy to get up again. It’s like a light has been switched on.

I’ve lost so much time, nearly 10 years of my life – a time when I was / should have been looking for a life partner, having children, promotion, settling down. I feel that was all taken from me due to T3 not being prescribed for my treatment. This time has passed as has my opportunity for having children as I have now gone through menopause and getting back into teaching will be very difficult for me after so long out of the industry.
Please, I do not want anyone to go through what I have endured for the past few years. There was little point in me being alive if I am honest – I served no purpose to the world or myself. I literally was the living dead and all due to lack of T3 being available on prescription…..I cannot fathom the logic!

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