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Get listening support with The Wren Project

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We are very pleased to tell you that we are partnering with an amazing organisation called The Wren Project.

The Wren Project is a registered UK charity, founded in 2020, that works to support individuals with the emotional and mental impact arising from a diagnosis of autoimmune disease. Most people with thyroid disease have the autoimmune form – Hashimoto’s Disease (causing hypothyroidism ) and Graves’ Disease (causing hyperthyroidism ).

Thyroid UK knows that many people are left undiagnosed and also that diagnosis can take a very long time. We think that working with The Wren Project will not only be an additional benefit to our online community but it will help a lot of people with autoimmune thyroid disease who want to talk to someone about their feelings rather than their test results. 

Read more about our partnership with The Wren Project and what it means for you.