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Get listening support from The Wren Project

Thyroid UK has partnered with an amazing organisation called The Wren Project.

About The Wren Project

The Wren Project is a registered UK charity, founded in 2020, that works to support individuals with the emotional and mental impact arising from a diagnosis of autoimmune disease (they do not deal with anything medical). 

The Wren Project realises that diagnosing autoimmune disease can be incredibly lengthy, complex, and uncertain.

6% of the UK population have an autoimmune disease and the social and emotional impact of diagnosis can have a profoundly difficult, lasting, and material impact on an individual’s life. 

Most people with thyroid disease have the autoimmune form – Hashimoto’s disease (causing hypothyroidism ) and Graves’ Disease (causing hyperthyroidism ).

Thyroid UK knows that many people are left undiagnosed and also that diagnosis can take a very long time.

The standard treatment for hypothyroidism, if you are lucky enough to be diagnosed, does not always resolve all the symptoms yet we are often denied the treatment that would enable us to get back to normal. 

The treatment for hyperthyroidism most often means that you will become hypothyroid and need medication for life.  Making decisions on which treatment to take can be challenging.

Because of these challenges, people can struggle not only with the symptoms of thyroid disease but also with the mental health issues that come with it especially when we feel helpless and our families don’t quite understand why we feel sad, angry, and frustrated.

The Wren Project is the only charity offering free, ongoing, one-to-one psychosocial talking therapy and peer support to people across the spectrum of autoimmune disease including thyroid disease.  They enable people with #autoimmunediseases to regain control of their lives. 

Getting help from The Wren Project

You can refer yourself or someone else by simply completing a form confirming that you are over 18 and have received a diagnosis of autoimmune disease in the past 5 years (although you may well not be turned away if you really need them). 

To be eligible you must live in the UK, have access to a phone, and/or WiFi, and be willing and wanting to talk about your autoimmune disease and the impact it is having on your life.

We believe that working with The Wren Project will not only be an additional benefit to our online community but will also help a lot of people with autoimmune thyroid disease who want to talk to someone about their feelings rather than their test results. 

Read more information about The Wren Project.

Date created: 12/10/2021 (V1)

Review date:  12/10/2024