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Private GPs and Practitioners

We have compiled a list of private GPs and practitioners who have a special interest in treating thyroid conditions. This is included when you purchase our Information Pack but if you would like a copy of the list please contact us.

Thyroid UK does not recommend these GPs and practitioners. The list is for information purposes only.

Lyn Mynott, Chief Executive

About our private GPs and practitioners list

This is the only list of private GPs and practitioners that we have and they may or may not be in your local area.  Thyroid UK does not and never will receive commission payments from anyone included on this list.

It may be difficult for some GPs and practitioners to prescribe treatment for you without confirmatory blood tests, so it may save you time and money if you organise your own private testing before you go.

Because these GPs and practitioners are private, their fees, the cost of medication and testing can be expensive. Please be aware that fees etc. can be subject to change without our knowledge. We suggest that you ask for a quote when you make an appointment. We also suggest you telephone the practice first to ask questions about the testing and treatment options that are available.

You can check the registration status, training and other useful information about a GP on the General Medical Council (GMC) Register.

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