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Thyroid UK’s Free Support Network

The Thyroid UK Support Network consists of a mixture of local support groups; email support, telephone support and Facebook.

Some of the groups are our own, run by volunteers of Thyroid UK, but others are independent groups that wanted to be listed along with ours to help people with thyroid and related diseases.

Going to a group gives you the opportunity to chat with others in the same position as you. Some organise speakers but others just meet to chat. Some of the groups have their own newsletters.

The telephone and email Support Networkers are there to give you support and chat with you about your thyroid problems and answer your questions. These Support Networkers cannot diagnose, or tell you which medication to take or how much. However, you can chat with them about your thyroid problems and they can tell you what worked for them.

Lyn Mynott, Chief Executive

The Thyroid UK Support Network list is included in our Information Pack and is also available on request. We also have a thriving community of over 100,000 members where you can get information and support from like-minded people.

Get in touch if you are interested in becoming a Support Networker for Thyroid UK.

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