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Gift shares to us

ShareGift is a unique charity which specialises in accepting donations of shares.  From these donated shares they generate funds to give to charities, guided by donor suggestion.

ShareGift was launched in 1996 to act as a charitable solution to the problem of unwanted small shareholdings. Millions of pounds are tied up in these tiny lots of shares, which are of no value to their owners because they cost more to sell than they are worth. These ‘odd lots’ are worth little or nothing individually but have a meaningful value when collected together.

ShareGift re-registers donated shares into its own name and collects them until there are enough to sell. Shares are sold regularly and the proceeds used to make donations to a wide range of other UK-registered charities. Since its inception, ShareGift has generated millions of pounds for hundreds of UK registered charities, from major household names to tiny local initiatives, covering a vast area of national and international work. This is an entirely new funding stream for charities. Without ShareGift, this money would remain locked up in unwanted shares and never reach these beneficiaries.

Each year ShareGift makes donations to new and existing beneficiaries across the entire spectrum of UK charitable work. Donations are made at their Trustees’ discretion and reflect an ongoing policy, when distributing funds, to take into account the charitable interests of the people who help to create their income. This policy means that direct applications for funding from charities are not accepted.

Shares can be donated whether you have a share certificate or not. If this has been lost or mislaid, in most cases it is still possible to donate shares by sending ShareGift details of the shareholding.

Contact ShareGift

Telephone: 0207 930 3737
Email: help@sharegift.org
Website: www.sharegift.org
Address: ShareGift, 4th Floor Rear, 67/68 Jermyn Street, London. SW1Y 6NY

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