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Organise a dress down day

Why not hold a dress down day (also known as Mufti day) for Thyroid UK at your workplace?  All you need to do is to check with your boss that you can hold the event, ask everyone who wants to join in to donate £1 and wear something different to work such as jeans instead of suits or everyone wears the same colour top.

You can take selfies and post them onto your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and then share them with all your friends and family to spread the word!  Make sure you mention Thyroid UK and we can then share them too.

Please do ask your bosses and workmates to join us in this event.  You never know, they may need us one day.

How to hold a dress down day

Send us your money

When you’ve completed your dressing down day, you can send us the donation in the most convenient way, including online, by bank transfer or by post.

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