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Organise a sponsored silence

A sponsored silence is an excellent way to raise funds for Thyroid UK.  All you need to do is to tell your family and friends, collect pledges and keep quiet for a whole day!

You could surprise your friends (especially if you are a chatterbox) not only by telling them what you are going to do but also by actually doing it!  For some of you, it may be really hard to keep quiet (especially children) but it will be very worthwhile as you will be helping us to do our vital work.

Another option for a sponsored silence is by not using your digital equipment i.e. no using the phone, tablet or computer!  For some people, this may be really hard to do and quite an achievement once they have.

How to do a sponsored silence

Email us to tell us about your sponsored silence and we will send you fundraising materials.

  • Decide whether you are doing this alone or as part of a group
  • Decide on the time and place – children may prefer to do it for 30 minutes to 2 hours and adults for 24 hours
  • Decide whether you are going to raise funds with a sponsorship form or via an online fundraising website or both
  • Let us know so that we can send you the sponsorship forms and posters or help you set up a fundraising page
  • Publicise your sponsored silence – tell everyone you know what you are doing. Write a post on Facebook or a Tweet and share them. Give supporters plenty of time to hear about your sponsored silence so that they can take part if they want to.  Advertise on posters around the community
  • On the day – if the silence includes children give them things to do that doesn’t require speaking i.e. jigsaw puzzle, drawing etc. Do a countdown for the last few minutes so that the children get excited about finishing

Send us your money

When you’ve completed your sponsored silence, you can send us the donation in the most convenient way, including online, by bank transfer or by post.

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