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World Thyroid Day 2022 is on 25th May

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This year Thyroid UK wants to spread the word about how thyroid disease can affect your mental health on World Thyroid Day.


I know personally how it affected my mental health before I was diagnosed and before I went onto liothyronine .  Being undiagnosed affected my family life, my work life and my social life.  

I had to change the kind of work I did to that where I could work much less hours and sit down when I needed to (which was most of the time).

I used to take my little son to “Gym Tots” but I had to lean against the wall at each activity and I was in so much pain.  I had to stop other activities for both sons eventually because I couldn’t cope so it didn’t just affect me, it affected them too and this made me very sad.

I remember telling my husband on more than one occasion that I didn’t want to be here anymore and so it affected him too.

I lost a lot of friends because they didn’t understand why I stopped accepting invitations and this led to me not going out socially at all.

It is well known that there are links between depression and thyroid disease but mental health due to thyroid conditions is not well talked about and this needs to change.

Lyn Mynott, Chief Executive, Thyroid UK

Once the survey results are in, we will analyse the answers and write the report.  Do bear with us though as although we look like a large organisation online we are, in fact, very small – there are only three of us in the office (myself (CEO) and Louise, my PA, who work full time and Heidi, our Finance Assistant, who works part time.)

We need more staff so that we can do more to raise awareness and to organise more campaigns.  We need to purchase various pieces of computer software in order to run surveys and hold meetings and webinars etc but to do this we need funds.  We do not receive Government grants and we don’t have enough staff to work on fundraising. 

We are also designing a new website to enable people to find things much more easily.   All of this costs money and to move forward in our campaigning, we need your help.

We want to grow and become the largest thyroid charity in the UK so that we can help more people with thyroid disease and related disorders. 

If you could donate just a small amount, this would help enormously.  You can text #WTDAY to 70085 to donate £3 and we would be very grateful. 

There are other ways to donate such as choosing us as your charity when you shop with Amazon (go to www.smile.amazon.co.uk to register us) or send us your used postage stamps.  You can find out more about donating by visiting our fundraising information.

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We rely on donations so that we can continue to support and campaign for people with thyroid and related conditions.  If you have found our information helpful, please make a donation or become a member.